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  • Studor; foto Mitja Sodja
  • Studor; foto Mitja Sodja
  • Studor; foto Mitja Sodja
  • Studor; foto Mitja Sodja
  • Studor; foto Mitja Sodja
  • Studor; foto Mitja Sodja

Studor is a bunched village on the slope of Rajna under Mt Studor (1002 m). The Vrčica brook runs through the village. The village is known for the group of double hayracks, called toplarji, which can be seen on the meadow that stretches right below the village.

Farmers had only few fields, since they were mostly engaged in pasture cattle breeding and forestry. The land of the people of Studor stretches to Mt Tosec, Velo polje and Mt Triglav, and also comprises of the land on Mt Komna, Pod Bogatinom and Mt Vogel.

Things to see and places to visit in Studor

The village has 11 protected houses, including a museum of residential culture that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, namely the Oplenova hiša house. Otherwise, it is possible to see the exteriors of the other typical houses in Studor.

The famous hayracks called Studorski stogovi are not as baroque in style as the hayracks in the region of Dolenjska, however, they present a sophisticated construction technique which enabled drying of precious fodder in frequent rainy periods. Completely wooden construction (all links and attachments) can provide the most at a minimum use of material.

All riding fans can visit the Mrcina Ranch, which offers carriage rides, riding tours and excursions, riding classes, sports riding, programmes for children and much more.

Along with accommodation in comfortable rooms and apartments, a tourist farm also enables the tasting of excellent homemade dairy products (cheese, quark and mohant).