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  • Brod; foto: Mitja Sodja
  • Brod; foto: Mitja Sodja
  • Brod; foto: Mitja Sodja
  • Brod; foto: Mitja Sodja
  • Brod; foto: Mitja Sodja
  • Brod; foto: Mitja Sodja
  • Klodičeva kolesarska pot - Brod; foto: Mitja Sodja

Both villages are located in the Lower Bohinj Valley, at the foothills of Rudnica, in the past full of bauxite which was also processed in these villages. The village of Brod was the final place of truge – transport means that carried the ore to the valley.

The entering points to Brod are also the entering points for the cycling track (Klodičeva kolesarska pot). This newly regulated cycling track is a significant advantage for cyclists, walkers, inline skaters and hikers who want to get off the main road and safely enjoy in the beauties of nature.

Why are Brod and Savica interesting?

Brod is the birth place of a famous writer, translator and lawyer from Bohinj, namely Janez Mencinger (1838-1912), after whom the primary school in Bohinjska Bistrica was named. Currently, it is only possible to see the exterior of the house, which also carries a memorial tablet; there are plans for setting up the memorial room.

The most interesting building in Brod is the subsidiary Church of St Magdalene at the brink of the village. The building’s foundations date to the 15th century, which is proven by the fresco of St Christophe on the southern part of the nave. We can also see the remains of the fresco of Mary with Jesus that dates back to the third quarter of the 15th century.

Near the bridge in Brod, the Sava River regularly washed the hill and the road, therefore a new riverbed was made. You can still see the old riverbed which can be seen as a dry branch of the river or backwater called Pod Kokom. The location at the bridge in Brod is also purposed for fly fishing.

Savica is still known for the Pri Polinarju blacksmith’s shop, which still uses the old hammer called norec (fool) that is used for forging. The village of Savica (this used to be the name for the Sava River from the lake and to the village of Nomenj) was also the home of one of the first climbers of Mt Triglav, Mr Štefan Rožič.

During the winter, a ski equipment and service shop is available in the village of Savica.