Slovenia tourism
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Slovenia tourism

In Slovenia tourism is closely connected to nature

If you ask Slovenians about Slovenia, tourism and what the connection is, they will mostly answer that here tourist offers are usually – in one way or another – closely connected to our beautiful nature. What can be more refreshing than camping near a lake or visiting the Julian Alps? Slovenia has many natural beauties and in Bohinj most of them are concentrated in one place. Lake Bohinj (Slovenia) is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia and even the world. You can choose between private rooms, camping or different hotel accommodations like Bohinj Park eco hotel. Are you looking for lakes to fish? Lake Bohinj accommodation can include fishing, camping near lake in the vicinity of Julian Alps (Slovenia) and enjoying one of the clearest lakes in Slovenia. Tourism here is closely connected to what our nature has to offer.

Slovenia tourismJulian Alps (Slovenia) and tourism go hand in hand

There are many cultural monuments and events in Slovenia. Tourism is closely connected to our past as well as our natural resources – Like lake Bohinj (Slovenia) and The Julian Alps. Slovenia has always cherished its natural beauties and among many beautiful lakes in Slovenia Bohinj lake has a long tradition of tourism. Most people enjoy swimming in the lake, hiking around the nearby hills and mountains and different adrenaline activities. Camping near lake is a special experience that connects you as much as possible to nature and if you enjoy lakes, in Slovenia there are many ideal places for you, since there are many rivers and lakes to fish here.

Lakes in SloveniaEnjoy Slovenia – tourism and natural beauties for relaxing holidays

Bohinj lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unspoilt lakes in Slovenia. Camping near lake offers you many different activities, but if you are not a fan of camping (near lake or anywhere else), there are private rooms available, for example in Bohinj Eko park hotel, private lake Bohinj accommodation providers and many others. Right at the foot of Julian Alps, Slovenia has one of its most cherished natural beauties that welcomes you to spend time in Slovenia. Tourism at its best can be found in Bohinj.