Paragliding in the Alps
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Paragliding in the Alps

Paragliding in the Alps for adrenaline enthusiasts

For many people paragliding in the Alps is what holidays are all about. One way of relaxing is to take a paragliding holiday and enjoy different activities in Slovenia: hiking in the mountain, visit aquapark Bohinj, go cycling, swimming, rafting in Slovenia or just take an easy stroll around lake Bohinj. There are many places to visit in Slovenia. You can combine the tourist part with exciting paragliding in the Alps and make the most of your activities in Slovenia. Aquapark Bohinj is a favourite among children, adults usually prefer a paragliding holiday or hiking in Slovenian Alps. There are plenty of different things to do here, regardless of your preferences.

Paragliding in the Alps
Paragliding in the Alps for tourists

Slovenian Alps are ideal for a paragliding holiday and other activities in Slovenia. Many people come here to enjoy the unspoiled nature and despite paragliding in the Alps being very popular it is never crowded. Whether you are a professional paraglider or this is just your hobby you will be impressed. As anywhere else there are certain rules you have to take into consideration before starting. All information are available in tourist offices and the Internet. Both children and adults can enjoy many different activities in Slovenia, including aquapark Bohinj that can beautifully complete your paragliding holiday.

Paragliding holidayDifferent activities in Slovenia: from aquapark Bohinj to paragliding in the Alps

Compared to some other countries Slovenia is quite small, but when you consider all the places to visit in Slovenia you see that there are many things to do, near Lake Bohinj in particular. You can take a paragliding holiday and go paragliding in the Alps or go hiking in the mountain, swim in lake Bohinj and aquapark Bohinj or go cycling, for example. Slovenian Alps are a favourite among most tourists because they offer lots of activities of different difficulty levels.