Lake Bohinj hotels
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Lake Bohinj hotels

Lake Bohinj hotels – Accommodation in Slovenia

Lake Bohinj hotels are all located just a few steps from lake Bohinj – a glacial lake, known for its clear water and different activities in its surroundings. You can spend your vacation in Slovenia in private rooms, you can choose a more adventurous camping, one of many lake Bohinj hotels, such as Bohinj Park Eco Hotel, or bed and breakfast. Slovenia and Bohinj have a lot to offer and what is more interesting and relaxing than lake accommodation with the view of The Slovenian Alps and Lake Bohinj? You can check accommodation in Slovenia on the Internet or simply call one of the hotels such as Bohinj Park Eco Hotel and make a reservation.

Bed and breakfast in lake Bohinj hotels in Slovenia

Bed and breakfast SloveniaOne of the perks of accommodation in Slovenia or Bohinj is the fact, that there is something to do here all through the year and lake Bohinj hotels are open all year round. In Slovenia lakes are quite popular tourist destinations, but lake Bohinj is something special, since is situated in Triglav national park and is surrounded by beautiful nature that offers our guests something to do in all seasons. If you stay at Bohinj Park Eco Hotel for example, you can go hiking, cycling, rafting, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, rollerblading etc. In summer and skiing, snowboarding , sledding or ice-skating in winter. Choose bed and breakfast (Slovenia) offer and experience Slovenian cuisine in one of the many nearby restaurants or eat traditional Slovenian food in one of many cottages during your hike. Adapt accommodation in Slovenia to your taste and come vacation in Slovenia any time of the year – camping, in private rooms or a hotel.

Bohinj Park eco hotelBohinj Park Eco Hotel

If you are looking for accommodation in Slovenia and would prefer one of the lake Bohinj hotels, Bohinj Park Eco Hotel is the right choice. It has been operating since 2009 and is the first eco hotel in Slovenia. Bed and breakfast is one option, but we also have full or half board options. Since this is an eco hotel, sustainable materials have been used, our dishes are made from ecological ingredients and we are careful to follow our goal of influencing nature as little as possible. Most room have a beautiful view of the Julian Alps or the lake. Accommodation can be reserved via Internet or phone. We are proud to say that lake Bohinj hotels meet the highest standards.